Spring Flower Baskets

Flower Basket Beautification Project

Flower Baskets Flowers


The city of Munford started the beautification project in the spring of 2014. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, colorful floral baskets hang throughout downtown Munford.

Who pays for these baskets?

The colorful baskets are paid for by individuals, organizations or businesses wishing to honor or in memory of someone. A plaque is hung above each basket denoting the honoree and donor. These baskets bring joy and beauty to our downtown area.

Who cares for the baskets?

It takes multiple departments within the city to care for the baskets and water them daily. Daily watering is done by employees from Parks and Recreation, Public Works and the Fire Department.

How do I sponsor a basket?

Currently the city hangs up to 70 baskets along Munford Ave, Tipton St, Main St, and College St.. There is currently a waiting list for those wishing to sponsor a basket. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list please email byounger@munford.com. Include your name and contact information.

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