My kind of town

About Munford, TN

Munford was developed in the early 1850’s.  At the time Munford was called Mt. Zion because of the Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal Church that had moved there.  Because there was already a Mt Zion in Pennsylvania the U.S. Post offices asked that the name be changed because Mt. Zion Tenn. was too similar to Mt. Zion, Penn.  The U.S. Postmaster, G.B. Sale, asked his daughter to choose a suitable name for this small town.  She chose the name “Munford” in memory of the late Colonel R.H. Munford of Covington. Colonel R.H. Munford had served as the Tipton County Clerk, County Register of Deeds, Clerk and Master of the Chancery Court and as Mayor of Covington.  Munford became incorporated by an Act of the Tennessee General Assembly in 1905.  The first Mayor of Munford was S.H. Bass.

Munford continues to be a growing suburb in Tipton County.  It is located about 25 miles North of Memphis Tn and has 6110 citizens, as of the 2018 Special Census.  Munford has an extensive park system that serves all ages.  Munford has walking and jogging trails, tennis courts, playgrounds, roller skating, and multiple picnic areas.  The City of Munford provides water, sewer, solid waste, and natural gas to the citizens of Munford. Munford also provides Natural Gas to Atoka and Brighton residents.  Munford has a warm hospitable and friendly feel.  That is why Munford is “My kind of Town”.

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