Skate Park

Skate Park


Munford Skate Park is located in Poplar Park at Douglas & College Street.

Munford, TN - Skate Park


Daylight to Sundown

Skate Park Rules:

1. All users are required to wear helmets
2. All users under the age of 13 are required to wear knee and elbow pads
3. Skate boards and in-line skates only; i.e., no bicycles are allowed. No motorized vehicles or
other wheeled devices allowed within the Skate Park.
4. No tobacco, drugs, or alcohol on premises
5. Noise must be kept to a minimum
6. Keep food and drink off the skating surface. No glass in or around skating area
7. Graffiti in the Skate Park is illegal and will not be tolerated. Keep the park surfaces clean as
graffiti will close the park for paint removal.
8. Additional obstacles or other materials (ramps/jumps) may not be brought into the park
9. No amplified music or organized events allowed without prior written approval from the Parks and
Recreation Department
10. Skating on wet surfaces is not allowed
11. No pets allowed in skating area
12. Users must be fully clothed

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