What is the Reserve Officer Program?

The Munford Police Department Reserve Officer Program is a volunteer program. Reserve officers will receive all required training in house.  The officers donate their personal time to the city and help full-time officers on a daily basis.  The reserve officers are required to ride a minimum of 24 hours per month.

What are Reserve Officers used for?

They are utilized for special events such as Celebrate Munford activities,  Christmas Parade, and school events.  The requirements to be hired as a Munford Police Department Reserve Officer are the same as full-time officers, since a lot of reserves eventually become full-time.  If you have any questions concerning our reserve program you can email Sgt. Honeycutt:

Training Requirements

All reserve officers will receive and be required to successfully complete training in chemical weapons, taser, handcuffing techniques, report writing, DUI, EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operation and Control), and be sufficient in meeting the departments handgun/patrol rifle qualification.  All other training TBA.

Reserves Definition:

Reserve Law Enforcement Officer is defined as any person employed by any municipality or any political subdivision of the State of Tennessee whose primary responsibility is to support the full-time police officer in the prevention and detection of crime, apprehension of offenders, assisting in the prosecution of the offenders for appropriate remuneration in measure with specifically assigned duties and/or job description.

Part-time officers will work no more than twenty (20) hours per week or a total of no more than one week or a total of no more  than one hundred (100) hours per month for any agency or combination of agency.  Any law enforcement officer who works in excess of the maximum hours as specified herein will be reclassified to a full-time status and must meet all requirements for standards/training as mandated under the law and Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission rules.

Competency Requirements

An applicant shall possess the following training competencies which will be determined by the Munford Police Department staff:
1. Possession of knowledge, skills, and abilities in all assigned areas.
2. Ability to organize materials in written form.
3. Presentation of knowledge and skills.

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