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A Beer Permit is required to sell beer in the city of Munford.  A completed application, background check thorough understanding of the Beer Ordinance and its requirements for holding a beer license, and an appearance in front of the beer board are required.  Our board requires all employees of a business be trained via the state’s Responsible Beer Vendor Training Program (online).

Beer Ordinance

Background Check Instructions



A permit must be applied for and approved before a business sign can be placed, replaced, or changed.

You can access the sign permit here.

Deck permits are required by the City of Munford only if the deck exceeds 200 square feet, or if is more than 30 inches above grade or if it is attached to a dwelling.

No, the City of Munford does not require a permit for indoor remodeling, unless there is an alteration to a load bearing wall or the addition of any plumbing.

Yes, the City of Munford requires permits for sheds, outbuildings and portable carports.  Sheds, outbuildings and portable carports must be in the rear yard only.  They must be 5 feet from the property line and any other existing building.

Yes.  The City of Munford requires a permit for any fence that is 6 feet or taller, per Resolution 2017-08-01.

The City of Munford requires a permit to be issued for any pool that is over 24 inches tall per Resolution 2017-08-01.

You can obtain a Building Permit by completing the building permit application on line, or by visiting City Hall.

You can report a housing code violation using our online form.

Municipal codes can be found, on the Code Enforcement page. Click here.

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