Code Enforcement


Mission Statement:
Promoting the maintenance and upkeep of real property. Protecting the public health, safety and welfare. Preserving the quality of life in the residential and business areas of the City of Munford.
Why is Code Enforcement important?
Code enforcement applies to many issues that effect the environment, health, safety and well being as well as property valuesThe preservation and improvements created by code enforcement are recognized by government and citizenry as a necessity to halt or reverse deterioration of our community.
What is the Goal of Code Enforcement?
The goal of code enforcement is to establish voluntary compliance through contact, education and guideance with punitive action taken as a last resort.
Why is a permit and inspection required?
A Building permit is required and inspection conducted by the building inspector are to ensure that all requirements are met. This is to safeguard public safety, health and welfare and the stability of the buildings . Your home or business is an investment. If your construction project does not follow the codes adopted by the city, the value of your investment could affected.
Permits and inspections allows the building inspector to reduce potential hazards of unsafe construction through enforcement of building codes.
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