Munford Public Works

Public Works


Sherry Bennard
Public Works Director

1397 Munford Avenue
Munford TN 38058
Monday thru Friday:
7:00am - 4:00pm


Munford's Public Works Department provides a broad range of municipal services. These services include the distribution of Natural Gas, the collection and distribution of Water, the collection and treatment of Sewer, as well as the maintenance of the Roads in Munford.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure the safety of the City of Munford Utilities by enhancing the quality of life through well planned environmentally sensitive and cost-effective sustainable infrastructure investment. We are committed to the planning and implementation of the policies, goals, and objectives that achieve the Mayor's vision for the City of Munford.

To produce high quality, safe water in adequate quantities to serve the needs of the customers within the area of Munford and surrounding communities. To distribute this water to these customers in a safe manner; and to collect and treat wastewater to Tennessee Department Environment and Conservation regulations.

Water Quality

City of Munford Water Quality Report for 2023

City of Munford Water Quality Report for 2022

City of Munford Water Quality Report for 2021

City of Munford Water Quality Report for 2020

City Of Munford Water Quality Report for 2019


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