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Munford Schools

One of the reasons Munford remains “My Kind of Town” is its excellent schools. From the award-winning FFA to the nationally recognized Munford High School Marching Band, Munford boasts three of the finest schools in Tipton County. The community supports the student’s academic efforts and helps boost the Munford pride in a number of ways; you can find most residents at Dr. Sid Witherington Stadium on autumn Friday nights rooting for our Munford Cougar football team. A short drive around town will show you a number of maroon and white yard signs showing support of an athlete, cheerleader, or marching band member.

Below you can find the contact information as well as links to the websites of each one of our schools. If you need more information, please contact the school or the Tipton County Board of Education.

Tipton County School System
1580 Highway 51 South
Covington, TN 38019
Phone (901) 476-7148
Fax (901) 476-4870

Munford Elementary School
1200 McLaughlin Drive
Munford, Tennessee 38058
Phone (901) 837-0152
Fax (901) 837-5778

Munford Middle School
100 Education Avenue
Munford Tennessee 38058
Phone: (901) 837-1700
Fax (901) 837-5749

Munford High School
1080 McLaughlin Drive
Munford, Tennessee 38058
Phone: ( 901) 837-0173
Fax: ( 901) 837-5729

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