Sherry Yelvington
City Recorder

1397 Munford Avenue
Munford, TN 38058
Monday thru Friday
8:00am to 5:00pm
Lobby Closes at 4:30pm


The Board of Mayor and Aldermen are elected positions. The remainder of our commission and board members are appointed positions.

Government of the City

The City of Munford came into existence under the “Private Act Charter”.  The City is governed by a board consisting of a Mayor and six (6) Aldermen. This board is empowered to pass all ordinances necessary for the government of the city, and to have charge of the government, and to do and perform all acts necessary and proper for the government of the city.


The Mayor and Aldermen shall be elected for terms of four (4) years. The six aldermen shall serve staggered, four-year terms. With three aldermen positions being elected every two years.

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