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Announcing the Munford Downtown Improvement Program Grant.. read more..

We are so excited to announce the Munford Downtown Improvement Program Grant.  This program is offered to the City of Munford to help incentivize and leverage private improvements that will contribute to the overall redevelopment goals of the Central Business District (B-3). The grant will offer assistance to property owners or tenants who seek to … Continued

Freezing Weather Tips… Read more…

Below normal freezing weather is almost here… Don’t forget to: Cover/insulate all outside water faucets Remove all connected watering hoses Open cabinets to allow warm air to circulate around plumbing pipes Check attics to assure all piping is covered and insulated Drip inside water faucets where piping is near outside walls Keep garage doors closed … Continued

Trash DELAYED pickup for 9-1-2022.. Read more…

The trash truck could not finish the normal Thursday route today. What is in green will be picked up tomorrow 9-2-2022. The highlighted green is what was picked up today. If you have any questions please email  

Tipton Road Closure for Road Work – Detour information.. Read more..

Tipton Road Closure for Road Work – Detour Sometime during the week of September 5th, Tipton Road will be closed from Charles Avenue to Munford Ave, SR-206. This work is for sewer system rehabilitation and could take several weeks for completion.  The road will close each day at 8:00 am and will reopen by 8:00 … Continued

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