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City of Munford
1397 Munford Avenue
Munford, Tennessee 38058
(901) 837-0171





Munford Public Works


60 Water Street
Munford, Tennessee 38058
(901) 837-5974
Hours: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday.

Contact information:
Mark Walker, Director

Munford Public Works and Utilities




The City of Munford Public Works Department includes the Water, Sewer, Gas and Street operations and maintenance.

The billing and collecting for services is done at Munford City Hall, 1397 Munford Avenue, 901-837-0171. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Applications for utility service can be made during these hours at City Hall.




Over the next few months, the cooler temperatures will bring people outdoors to work in their yards, finish gardening and begin getting swimming pools ready for winter. The Munford Water System would like to ensure that our customers are aware of the dangers associated with these activities. A garden hose submersed in any liquid or attached to certain devices used to spray pesticides or herbicides forms a cross connection. A cross connection is a situation where a possible source of contamination is directly linked to our public water system. If the end of your hose is connected to a chemical container, swimming pool or other contaminant during a water main break or fire, the substance can be siphoned back into the water system. This condition, known as back siphonage, could cause a public health hazard. Devices are available to prevent this problem; however the best solution is to always be careful how you use your hose.

Please help us provide a safe supply of water to all of our customers. Remember; never stick your hose in anything you would not want to drink. For more information on cross connections and how to protect against them, call Justin Barkelew at 901-837-5974.


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Helpful information  click on links below

Cross Connection

Gas Safety Tips

Sewer Do's and Dont's

Call Before You Dig

  Cost for Services:    
  Water Connection Fee
Own - $25.00 Rent - $50.00
  Sewer Connection Fee
Own - $30.00 Rent - $40.00
  Gas Connection Fee
Own - $25.00 Rent - $65.00

 If your property is located outside the city limits of Munford, please contact City Hall for fees.


To put Utilities in your name you will need to provide the following information:

Own -

Proof of Purchase

Drivers License

SS Number


Rent -


Drivers License

SS Number


  New Installations
  Residential Natural Gas Meter & Service Line Rebate Program View
  Tap fee for gas service:
      25 feet to 300 feet of service line - $550.00
      301 feet to 500 feet of service line - $750.00
      Over 500 feet of service line - $200.00 plus $2.00 per foot of service line
  Tap fee for water meter:
      Inside corporate limits (city limits):
          5/8” x ¾” - $700.00
          1” through 2” – Cost + $300.00
          Over 2” – Cost +$600.00
      Outside corporate limits (outside city):
          5/8” x ¾” - $950.00
          1” through 2” – Cost + $400.00
          Over 2” – Cost + $700.00

Utility Rates

Inside City

Outside City



Inside City 0-2000 gal. $6.00
Over 2000 gal. - $1.75 per thousand

Outside City 0-2000 gal. $9.00
Over 2000 gal. - $2.40 per thousand



$6.00 minimum bill
0-2000 gal.- $2.80 per thousand
2001-6000 - $3.15 per thousand
Over 6000 - $3.50 per thousand




Due to ongoing changes in the gas market, we have decided not to post any current prices for natural gas on this website. If you would like the most current pricing, please call City Manager Neal Hunter or Dotty Rice at 901-837-0171

Due to the unstable conditions in the natural gas market, the City of Munford has established a Purchased Gas Adjustment Policy. This means that increases above our normal cost passed on to the customer without any additional profit to the City.

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Munford . . . My Kind Of Town


Munford, Tennessee