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Griff Fisher, Site Manager

Munford Parks and Recreation


  The City of Munford opened Centennial Park in April of 2006 as part of the celebration for the 100th anniversary for the incorporation of the City of Munford. The park is located at the corner of Dacus and Reeder roads. The park not only provides numerous athletic opportunities, but also offers citizens an opportunity to gather in a well lit, family friendly atmosphere. It has become one of the finest ball complexes in West Tennessee. Centennial Park includes five ball fields, a covered playground, a walking track, restroom facilities, picnic areas, a press box, concessions and convenient parking.

Centennial Park Awards
     Tennessee Recreation and Parks Association Four Star Award
     Engineers Award

USSSA Baseball Tournaments
This past year we had over 150 teams visit Centennial Park from Tennessee, Illinois, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. For those that played with us, we hope to see you again this spring! If your team did not get the opportunity to play with us, below is our
tournament schedule and registration for spring 2014.

"Coming together is the beginning. Keeping
together is progress. Working together
is success."
                                      -Henry Ford

Visit to register your team




Dixie Youth Baseball-League
Registration: January 20-February 21, 2014
Fee: $90.00 includes jersey, hat, belt,socks, team & individual picture   *payment plans are available
Games: Weeknights/ 12-14 per team
Pictures: Inlcluded in registration fee. Additional photos are available.
Age Divisions: Single (A) - ages 6&Under
                   Double (AA) - ages 7&8
                   Triple (AAA) - ages 9&10
                   O-Zone (OZ) - ages 11&12
                   Dixie Boys (DB) - ages 13&14

*For more information on our Dixie Youth Baseball or Summer Baseball League click here.

Summer Baseball
Registration: June 9-July 6, 2014
Fee: $70
Games: Weeknights / 12 per team
Pictures: Team/Player pictures are available
Age Divisions: T-Ball -ages 6 & Under
                      Coach Pitch - ages 7 & 8
                      Kid's Pitch - ages 9 & 10
                      O-Zone - ages 11 & 12

  Additional Activities
  Summer Baseball
  Adult Softball

Facility Rules
1. No outside food or drinks allowed
2. No coolers are allowed -a dugout cooler will be provided
3. No alcoholic beverages
4. No pets
5. No smoking in complex
6. No firearms
7. No skateboards, bicycles, scooters or roller blades
8. No abusive and/or vulgar language allowed

  Marketing and Sponsorship Space Available at Centennial Park
Size: 8' X 3'
Pricing: Contact Barbara Dorn at (901) 837-5972
Availability: Unlimited. Be sure to state which or all of the 5 fields where you would like your signage (3) 200' Fields, (2) 300' Fields
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  Please contact Barbara Dorn at (901) 837-5972 for more information.
  Wednesday August 27, 2008

I just want to commend you and your staff for the wonderful job you did this weekend for the Bolton High School Softball Tournament. Jarrod Mallard and the field maintenance staff did a terrific job of getting the field ready after the torrential downpour Thursday night and Friday morning. The fields were also in great shape during the tournament due to the fast and efficient work that they did between games. Stacey was a tremendous help answering my questions leading up to the tournament and throughout the weekend.

Not only was I impressed that you came straight from vacation to help out, but surprised to learn that the Munford Mayor and the Parks and Recreation Director all pitched in to help run the concessions when your staff was short handed. You have a first class facility with the service to match. Thank you for all your help and we look for to hosting tournaments there again in the future.

Casey Chandler
VP, Bolton High School Softball Booster Club


Thursday October 25, 2007
Dear Mayor,

I just wanted to thank you and the park and recreation department for allowing us to hold our tournament in
Munford this past weekend. I especially want to recognize Kevin McDonald for the great job that he did. He followed through on everything that he said he was going to do for us and we greatly appreciate it. We have played in and been a part of many tournaments in the past and this weekend was by far the best. We look forward to working with the city and Kevin to do this many more times in the future.

Thank you,
Kevin Walker and The Tipton Blast




Monday August 20, 2007
Munford Park and Recreation Employees with Centennial Park:

I recently rented Centennial Park for a USGF softball tournament. The experience that we had with the staff at Munford Parks and Recreation and Centennial Park was phenomenal!! The hard work and effort put in by the staff made our tournament a success! The facility is top notch. We look forward to hosting future tournaments at the park.

Thanks again,
Christy Joyner


Monday August 20, 2007

I know we talked over the weekend about the great events that took place at the new complex, but I wanted to compliment you and the rest of the city board on the visions you had and all the work that went into building that beautiful complex.

This weekend was the first time we were involved with events at the complex. We look forward to many more events in the next couple months and many years to come. We are very proud to see Munford with a classy complex along with the Munford hometown atmosphere.

I was looking around at the trees and landscape beyond the center field fence of field number 2 and felt I was home!

Several of the coaches were very impressed with the work Griffith and the crew did between games preparing the fields. They are not used to the seeing the fields reworked between games during a weekend tournament.

Thanks for all you do for the youth of OUR HOME TOWN. I can truly see how much you care, and love this town and its people, by all you do!

Brian and Nina Hale


Friday August 3, 2007
Hey Kevin,

We really enjoyed playing at your facilities in the state tournament. We were out in three games but it was really fun for our boys.

I wanted to tell you that your facilities were the best I think I have been to. I know they are only two years old but they were great. I could tell there had been a lot of time and work put into everything. We were treated great by everyone and it was just a joy to be a part of it. One night while we were eating at McAllister’s back in Millington a local pastor even stopped by our table to welcome us in town and to the tournament.

Danny Raines
Chief Building Official
City of Lebanon

Tuesday July 3, 2007

Mr. Cole,

This is a note to try to express how well the Munford AA (7&8 yr old) Dixie Youth Baseball Allstar Team is representing your community. The sportsmanship, spiritual reverence, as well as ability that they exhibit is very very special. The coaches, parents, and players are a class act.

I have observed the team in prayer before each game in the dugout on a knee with players putting hands on each other's backs. I have observed them having prayer on the mound after a game. I have observed the coaches encouraging their players...and the players on the teams they have faced. I have not observed the team or coaches getting upset and frustrated. I have not observed the team being boastful or haughty over a win.

I know all of these things very well...I am a Haywood Allstar parent and have played the Munford team three times over the past two weeks. We came in second in the Sub-Distrct to Munford, and last night Munford ended our bid to go on to the State Tournament.

But let me tell you what else I observed last night. In the second inning I believe...with the game still very tight. A Munford player hit a line drive shot directly to our pitcher, hitting him in the left chest above his heart. The Munford coach who was pitching was the first "on the scene" to tend to the player from Nutbush.
There was a several minute delay while the condition of the boy was evaluated. I saw the boy shake his head "no" several times as they got him up on his feet. I am sure the question was presented to him to go to the dugout prior to each shake of his head. After much deliberation between the adults, the player put his helmet back on and the Munford coach who was pitching threw several balls to the Haywood boy while the Haywood coaches, referees, and a mom and dad stood by. The Haywood boy shook his head up and down at the Munford coach and the Munford coach shook his head up and down and smiled back. The game resumed. The next inning the boy who was hit fielded three balls for Haywood and threw the batters out at first...serving Munford a "three up, three down".

That would be a great story if it ended right there...and this would be a good note for you to receive. However, the story does not end there. After District Tournament games it is customary for the winning team's head coach to be given a game ball used in the game to be given to one of his players. One game ball. Last night the Munford head coach was given the game ball awarded to the winning team and immediately turned and approached the Haywood head coach handing him the game ball with the simple instructions "give it to number 11".

You see it was number 11 for Haywood who took the ball in the chest in the accident on the was also number 11 who disposed of three of Munford's batters in one inning alone. Now I do not know the stats on how many times in post season play for Tennessee Dixie Youth Baseball the winning coach has handed a game ball to the losing coach to give to one of his players...but it is a safe bet it is not a whole lot.

Now I do not know how far Munford will go from here. But I do know that the lessons my family has learned from our experience facing that team has made an impact on us. I also know in my heart that Haywood is not the only team that has witnessed the example set by the behavior of the Munford players and coaches. Therefore, all I can say is GO MUNFORD AA's..WIN STATE! But regardless of how that turns out...the Munford AA's ARE WINNERS!


Jay Canada
Brownsville, TN


Wednesday June 6, 2007
I am writing this to let you know how impressive your Park and Rec. Dept. performed this past weekend. We received numerous comments on the facilities and the overall experience of coming to Centennial Park. I want to let you know Kevin and Chris went out of their way to make sure things were perfect and that everyone was satisfied with the park. It has been a while since I could look at the Park & Rec. employees and see smiling faces and people who love their job.

I also want to let you know that Griff and the grounds crew went above and beyond expectations, and made the fields look better than ever. You would not believe the compliments from parents that we received about the groundwork done between games and the care that Griff and the rest of the crew used.

I can honestly say, out of all tournaments we played this year, this one was the best. I also want to thank you for allowing this tournament to take place and I hope we can have another one soon!!

Thank you!!

Randal Baskin
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