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City of Munford
1397 Munford Avenue
Munford, Tennessee 38058
(901) 837-0171





Munford-Atoka Fire Department


Munford-Atoka Fire Department
1375 Munford Avenue
1397 Munford Avenue (Mailing Address)
Munford, TN 38058
Phone (901) 837-5960
Fax (901) 837-5962
Emergency 911

Scanner: 154.385 MHz listen online

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The department serves as a combined service for both communities of Munford and Atoka, Tennessee with a combined population of around 15,000. However, the department also serves county residents outside the corporate limits, which brings the population base up to an estimated 30,000.

The department responds to all types of emergencies, including fires, medical emergencies, extrications, motor vehicle accidents, environmental emergencies, and much more. The department also remains up to date with safety inspections of all businesses every 6 months and maintains a fire hydrant system of over 1,300 operating fire hydrants. The department also serves as the Weather Authority for the area and maintains 9 Civil Defense sirens to alert the public in the event of impending disastrous weather.

The priorities of the department are clear:  Life Safety, Emergency Incident Stabilization, and Property Conservation.

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Munford . . . My Kind Of Town


Munford, Tennessee