What Am I Responsible for as Owner/Resident

What Am I Responsible for as Owner/Resident?

Repairing and maintaining the home plumbing and sewer line from the house to the STEP system tank. NOTE: leaking ("running") toilets or other home plumbing leaks may send increased quantities of water to the STEP system. It is the home owner/resident's responsibility to respond to - and correct -- such in-home plumbing problems. Damages to the home or STEP system that occur due to the City's inability to access the STEP system (e.g., electrical box behind a fence) Providing electricity for the pump and controls.

Report power outages to SW Electric promptly, so power can be restored as soon as possible.
Calling to report an Alarm -- or any unusual sewer condition.
Minimizing water use during an emergency
Eliminating the disposal of improper material into the STEP system*

*Routine maintenance of a STEP system is the City's responsibility. But if extra maintenance or cleaning is required due to disposal of inappropriate materials, the maintenance costs may be billed directly to the property owner or resident.


For general STEP information call (901) 837-5974 or email mwalker@munford.com