City Of Munford Trash Service

City Of Munford Trash Service
1397 Munford Ave
Munford, Tennessee 38058
(901) 837-0171
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday.
Contact information:

The City of Munford offers residential solid waste collection community-wide as a service to our residents.  The curbside collection, provided under contract with Waste Pro, offers convenient, cost-effective trash service that is billed directly on existing utility accounts.   This City service is only provided within Munford’s City limits.

By Ordinance 2013-05-01, all new Munford residents are required to use the City’s residential trash service and may not retain another vendor for residential trash collection.   

Regular collection occurs for all Munford residents on either Tuesday orWednesday  (depending on your street) beginning at 6 a.m.   For residents on the north side of Munford Av. (TN206) or further north, Tuesday is your “pickup day”.  For residents on the south side of Munford Ave (TN206) or further south, Wednesday is your “pickup day”.  Please be sure that your can is available curbside for collection by 6 a.m. on your “pickup day”.    Contact Munford City Hall (901-837-0171) or (even better) email if you are not certain which day is your pickup day.

Customers can report a damaged trash can, request an additional can, or report a missed pickup by calling Munford City Hall (901) 837-0171 or emailing us at

Service Holidays

The following are the holidays observed by Munford’s residential trash collection program:  New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.    When one of these holidays occurs, trash pickup will typically be delayed one day, shifting that week to Friday and Saturday pickup.  

 A Clean Munford…  In the Bag before placing it In the Can

Help keep Munford clean by bagging your trash prior to placing it in the can.   Loose papers and small waste items that are not bagged can blow out of the can as it is emptied – littering the streets and clogging the storm water system. 

Use of an automated collection system requires your help to keep the service running smoothly and cleanly.  All items to be collected must be in a City-provided can and placed curb-side for collection.  When placing your can at the curb, please place the can so the wheels are at the back of the can and the lid opening is facing the street. 

Please ensure that all household garbage is placed inside a City-provided garbage can for collection.  Due to the use of automated garbage trucks, household garbage not placed inside the carts will not be collected.  Excess household garbage can be stacked inside the cart with the lid propped open.  The lid does not have to close for trash to be collected.  Leave at least 3 feet of space between the trashcan and your mailbox or other structures.  If needed, additional cans are available for a $10 per can monthly collection fee.  

 Proper Cart Placement


You can also help reduce the amount of household waste you produce by using the recycling collection bins that are located at 69 Crigger Street (near Haddad’s Store)    Plastics, cardboard and newspaper goods are all accepted for recycling.  Please flatten all cardboard boxes before placing them in the recycle bin.

Yard Waste

Bagged grass clippings, leaves, trimmings and branches can be deposited in your garbage can for collection with your regular trash. If your can does not have room for yard waste, you will have to make other arrangements for disposing of this waste.  At present, Munford’s residential trash service only accepts waste placed in the City provided trash cans.   Waste left outside of the can cannot be picked up by Waste Pro automated trucks.   

NOTE:  Tipton County operates a landfill, convenience center and recycling center about 0.70 mile south of the ofice of Tipton County Public Works, 8279 Highway 51, Brighton, TN 38011.  For more information about the landfill, call 901-837-5907 or check it out on the web at  This facility can generally accept household and yard waste that’s not considered hazardous waste (such as unused paint, fertilizer, pesticides or petroleum products).  There is an annual Tipton County event to dispose of hazardous waste items.