STEP System Overview

Most of Munford's sewer system customers are connected using a "Gravity" Sewer System connection.   But about 350 residences in Munford use the alternative STEP Sewer System which includes a holding tank for sewage, a screen chamber, and a small pressure pump within the tank.  The liquid waste is pumped through a small pressure line into the city-wide sewer lines leading to Munford's wastewater treatment plant.

The STEP system pump is controlled by a system of floats within your tank. The electrical box mounted on the side of your house controls the floats and pumps. The floats activate an alarm in the electrical (alarm) box when the fluid level in the tank gets too high or too low.

The City may visit your STEP system location in order to assess its status and perform maintenance.


For general STEP information call (901) 837-5974 or email