What Are STEP Systems

What Are STEP Systems


Many Munford sewer customers rely on a "STEP sewer system" to discharge household wastewater to Munford's city-wide sewer system. "STEP" stands for "Septic Tank Effluent Pump" and these systems are used throughout the United States. If you are one of our STEP customers, it's important that you are aware of that fact, and understand how it works at your location.

For STEP system customers, household wastewater spends time in a STEP sewer tank before heading out to the "main" sewer collection lines that terminate at Munford's wastewater treatment plant. That is, there is a "STEP in-between" flushing your toilet and that wastewater entering the city-wide gravity sewer system. Here are the details of how it works.


For general STEP information call (901) 837-5974 or email mwalker@munford.com