2017 Cross Connection Survey

Residential/Commercial Cross- Connection

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In order to protect the public's health and drinking water quality, The City of Munford has established a Cross Connection Control Program. This program is a cooperative effort between the water purveyor (City of Munford) and consumers.  This program establishes requirements for residential and commercial customers that may have systems or processes considered hazardous to the City of Munford’s potable water system.

What is a Cross Connection?
A Cross Connection is any actual or potential connection between your drinking water and any non-potable source that results in contamination of the potable water system.

What is Backflow?
Backflow occurs when the water in your pipes goes in the opposite direction of normal flow. There are two conditions that cause backflow:

  • Backpressure - when the pressure in your pipes is greater than the pressure in the water distribution system.
  •  Backsiphonage - when there is a sudden reduction of pressure in the water distribution system that causes fluids (water, chemicals, etc.) from your pipes to be sucked into the water distribution system.

As required by Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, the City of Munford is required to survey all water customers every 5 years to determine where cross connections may exist. You can complete the survey online at www.munford.com   or, complete the survey included in your water bill and return.

Cross-Connections within the public water system are a serious concern.

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