Munford Parks and Recreation Department Recreation Center

Recreation Center
Munford Parks and Recreation Department
63 College Street
Munford, Tennessee  38058
Office: (901) 837-5965
Fax: (901) 837-5979
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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The Recreation Center is located next door to the Police Station and across the street from City Hall and the Fire Department Headquarters. 


The Recreation Center: 

1. Houses offices for the Parks and Recreation Director, Programs Coordinator, and Sports Coordinator
2. Serves as a meeting place for Senior Citizens on Monday - Friday
3. Accommodates large and small groups for birthday parties
4. Allows individuals to rent the skating rink for private parties
5. Houses a skating rink that is open to the public on Friday nights and various days during the summer
6. Serves as a meeting room for various groups 
7. Serves as a place where Southwest meals are served 
8. Serves as Munford Parks and Recreation Summer Camp location