Munford Fire Department Operation Rescue

Operation Rescue is designed to provide a means for our citizens to notify the fire department prior to an emergency of persons that may be difficult to rescue in times of fire and other natural disasters. With the growing population of the community, we have addressed a need for proper notification and pre-planning on the part of your fire service for home-bound, disabled citizens.

Many times we take for granted that everyone simply “knows” that there is a disabled person residing in our homes, when in fact, only our close friends and neighbors really know about it. When the time for an emergency happens, we can’t guarantee that any of those individuals will be at or near the home to alert responders.

Operation Rescue is a simple one sheet form that provides detailed information to the fire department and other responders that a disabled person resides within a given structure. This form is available at Munford City Hall, Fire Department Headquarters, or you may download it below. Fill out the form and mail, fax, or hand deliver the form to Fire Department Headquarters. We take care of the rest!

Your address will be flagged in the primary Central Dispatch Computer as an Operation Rescue Participant. Your information will be kept on file in the responding apparatus for immediate access PRIOR to arriving on scene.