Community Safety Education – Are You Prepared

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                          Community Safety Education - Are You Prepared

The program focuses on having a ‘go bag’ for taking in the event that we might have to evacuate our home, business or wherever circumstances require that we immediately might need to leave due to earthquake, fire, tornado etc.   Consider an event happening requiring you to leave in literally less than 1 minute! 

Don’t get caught unprepared – you can be ready, start today.   A backpack (maybe a school type backpack), handy to store items that you will need to survive on your own, perhaps for a day or longer.  Here are items that Ron showed plus a few more that could literally save your life…….

  • Pair of comfortable pants, cotton pull-over shirt (cut off sleeves if it’s hot), pair sturdy comfortable shoes, socks and a cap (shade your face), spare pair of glasses
  • First-aid kit, small bottle of hydrogen peroxide (for cuts), scissors, pocket knife with tools
  • Roll of duct tape (many uses)
  • Food – power bars (foil wrapped) kept inside sealable plastic bags
  • Water/collapsible container (consider an empty wine bag with spout)
  • Leather work gloves for handling debris, avoiding splinters, dust mask, eye goggles
  • Small package of rope (hang tarp over strung rope) for shelter
  • Pocket size reflective blanket (uses body heat to maintain warmth)
  • Whistle (to signal for help)
  • Marking spray paint to write messages
  • Copy of your ID, previous utility bill showing your address (to prove where you live)
  • Written copy of family/friends phone numbers kept in plastic bag
  • Toothbrush!
  • Matches in plastic bags or sealable plastic container
  • Supply of your medications with appropriate medicine containers
  • Deck of cards – useful to pass the time, family photos(CD disk)
  • Large trash bag(s) useful for shelter, rain poncho
  • Phone charger
  • Cash – one dollar bills
  • Pepper spray,  find a sturdy walking stick
  • Sharpie permanent marker, pen, pencil, paper (writing messages)
  • Flashlight with spare batteries, glow sticks to signal others
  • Hand crank emergency radio

            These are ideas to make you think – now it’s your turn to act!