Munford Fire Department Apparatus

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The Munford-Atoka Fire Department consists of two front line fire engines, one reserve fire engine, one rescue/initial attack engine, one 105’ Platform aerial fire truck, one truck, two brush trucks, one small service vehicle for parades and festivals, a Battalion response unit,CERT Trailer, Dist II Haz-Mat Decon Trailer, and a Chief’s response unit.

Tower  Tower 1 is a 1992 E-One Platform aerial pumper.
It is equipped with a 2000 gallon per minute pump, integrated generator, full complement of ground ladders, a 300 gallon storage water tank, a 1000 gallon per minute master nozzle at the basket and is capable of carrying as many as four firefighters during working conditions.
As a bridge the ladder can accommodate as many as 14, moving from one point to the ground. Tower 1 also serves as the backup unit to Rescue 8 for Heavy Rescue Operations.
This 1990 Pierce Arrow was purchased in late 2003 to replace the worn Engine 11 (1981 FMC Pumper). This pumper was purchased used from Lower St. Croix Valley Fire Department in Lakeland, MN through a Fire Truck Broker. The pumper carries 6 firefighters, has a top mounted and enclosed pump compartment, carries 750 gallons of water with a 1250 gallon per minute pump. This fire truck will serve as a first out pumper for all County related fire calls and is expected to serve the department for at least another 10 years of service.   Pierce Arrow
Reserve   Reserve 32 is the first fire engine that was purchased by the City of Munford to provide fire protection to its citizens  The truck is a 1956 Ford F600 that carries 500 gallons of water.  The truck was ordered on November 10, 1956 from Central States Fire Department at a acost of $7,199.00. The City took delivery in February 1957.  The truck is proudly displayed in our museum for all to see.  Engine 32 has been taken out of service but is still capable of fighting a fire if needed.
Engine 1 is a 1994 Freightliner fire engine built by Smeal Fire Apparatus in Snyder, Nebraska. This engine was purchased in early 1994 by the City of Munford to help relieve the fire burden on Engine 1 and to help lower the ISO rating of the city. It carries 1000 gallons of water and can pump 1,250 gallons of water per minute. It carries 5 firefighters with the capability of air packs in the seats for faster service. It carries all of the required fire suppression equipment and all of the Hazardous Materials Response Equipment for the department. This truck was purchased at a price of $186,000.00.

This fire engine is the first out engine for all structural fires and large incident calls inside the city limits. This truck is usually supported by all the other fire engines. With the exception of Rescue 8, this fire engine is usually the first to leave the fire station for most all calls inside the city.



This apparatus carries all of the medical equipment for Emergency Medical Services for the City of Munford, all of the extrication equipment for the South Tipton County area, and fire suppression equipment including 150 feet of attack fire line, 150 feet of trash fire line, and 250 gallons of water with a 30 gallon foam cell. This apparatus carries four firefighters with air packs in the seats for faster service, and 2000 watts of lighting capability for a night time incident.

This apparatus is the primary response unit for all calls. It is considered to be the "first out" apparatus on all calls.

Rescue 8 is a 1999 Ford F-550 built by the Pierce Fire Manufacturing Plant in Appleton, Wisconsin. The City of Munford accepted delivery of Rescue 8 on Thanksgiving, 1999 at a cost of $120,000.00. It is now used by many other fire departments nationwide as an example for small fire departments with fast attack needs.

Brush Truck 81 is a 1999 GMC 4-wheel drive truck that carries 200 gallons of water and hasa fitting to operate 1 inch and 1 1/2 inch fire hoses.  This truck also has 2 pre-connect short hoses so that the driver could use one line while another firefighter could walk alongside of the vehicle to fight grass fires in open area.  This truck is also used as a service vehicle to maintain the fire hydrants.   Brush Truck
CERT Trailer - Obtained through our local EMA (Emergency Management Agency) located in Covington.  It is equipped with all of the neccessary materials to teach CERT classes to the community, including fire extinguishers, emergency medical supplies, search and rescue equipment and other equipment to teach citizen responders to assist the fire department in case of a disaster.  CERT Trailer 
Haz Mat Decontamination Trailer  Haz-Mat Decontamination Trailer - Acquired with a grant from Homeland Security to assist the local hazardous material team.  It contains much of the needed equipment neccessary to decontaminate individuals and equipment from a variety of haz-mat situations, including different tyes of material to neutralize small haz-mat spills. 
Scout 1 - a Kubota ATV, was acquired with grant money from Homeland Security.  This rugged piece of equipment is 4 wheel drive and can cross very rough terrain.  It has been used on several occasions to search for missing persons in areas where it is not feasible to get heavy fire and rescue vehicles off road.  This all-terrain vehicle is also used to carry medical supplies, personnel and equipment into heavy crowds.  Scout 
Unit  Unit 1 - A 2007 Ford Expedition purchased from money received through Homeland Security.  It is primarily used as the Chief's vehicle and is equipped with 4 wheel drive for off-road use and a mobile command center that can tie the police and fire frequencies together for large scale incidents.   Unit 1 also carries an on-board computer for commercial information gathering in large scale incidents as well as a quick reference for Hazardous Materials Information. This unit is equipped with a GPS (Global Positioning System) for references to incidents and special needs like setting up emergency landing pads for the Hospital Evac Helicopter.